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“... the carne asada, for me, is what makes this place amazing.”

- Brian. San Diego, CA.

Welcome To EL INDIO

Since 1940, El Indio has been dedicated to delivering the finest Mexican food in the world. We are the birth place of the infamous "Taquito". We pride ourselves on making your fresh and delicious food. Yes, we make our tortillas fresh every single day!

Come join us and discover the great taste and quality freshness of real Mexican food.


El Indio Tradition

Since 1940, El Indio has been dedicated to delivering the finest Mexican food in the world.


Thank You For Your Support

All of us here at El Indio cannot thank you enough for all the years of continued support.


Join Us Today

This is the least we can do for our brave military, great elders and students.

Always Fresh

Thank you for your support over the years. Quality, tradition and still the great tasty Mexican food.

El Indio Catering


"Super great tacos."

-Lyndsi W. San Diego, CaliforniaThe meat is tender and juicy! They also offer great coupons all around town if u keep an eye out! Quick delicious food def one of Sam Diego's top spots! ESP since it was seen on triple D!

"Super tasty. Friendly service."

-Dustin B. Bellflower, California Super tasty. Friendly service. Had the deluxe nacho and loved every bite. Chips are super thick and crunchy which means they hold up to toppings amazingly.

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El Indio

  • Location

    El Indio is centrally located in San Diego. Just minutes from downtown and Mission Valley. Once you arrive, you have three options for your seating and eating.

    Sidewalk Patio

    Use the crosswalk and sit in the sun while you fill your happy belly. With great weather here in San Diego, this is our most popular place to eat.

    Garden Patio

    Our garden patio located just to the right of the front door is always a favorite while dining outside. Ask us about have your next company lunch meeting here.

    Indoor Dining

    Warm outside, cool inside. Cool outside, warm inside. Our indoor dinning is all about comfort. Enjoy your tasty food with a smile.
  • El Indio Catering

    You'll be happy to know that El Indio caters. Please consider El Indio Catering for your next company event, wedding or party. You'll recieve the same attention to detail as you do with our restaurant.

    Same Great Taste

    Let us cater your event to all the details that you desire. The great tasting mexican food of El Indio is available for your next event.

    Full Catering Essentials

    Our professional catering staff are ready to make your next great event a special one. We will pay attention to your needs and deliver with the great tastes of El Indio.


    Please visit our El Indio Catering website and let us begin the process to cater your next event. Visit: www.elindiocatering.com.
  • El Indio Goodies

    When you visit El Indio be sure to pick up a souvenir that you'll actually put to use. We have many cool items to take home. When you're in line, look around and see what catches your eyes.

    El Indio Mugs

    You can't go wrong with your own El Indio Mug. Pick one up for you and one for your friend. Someone is having a birthday soon, right?

    Tortilla Warmers And Clips

    When you bring home the great tasting food, keep those yummy tortillas warm in your very own El Indio tortilla warmer. And when you grab a clip, you'll have our phone number at your finger tips.

    Our Famous Seasoned Chips

    Our fresh tortilla chips are a definitely must. They great to have in the pantry when you're itching for a taste El Indio while you're at home. Pick up our fresh salsa and guacamole as well.

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